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13th Dec

Why wayfinding signage is a winner for the festive period and beyond

Seasonal POS - Retail Displays At Christmas

With frantic shoppers in full throttle, the competition among retailers is equally ferocious. That’s where wayfinding signage can really make a difference to the customer experience, and ultimately increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Retailers typically expect to make more than 50% of their annual profits in the three months before Christmas. And with such a glittering array of stores to choose from, people need guidance. (This, of course, applies all year round, but is even more critical at such a spend-heavy time of year.)

Those striking frame fabric displays, innovative themed interiors and attention-grabbing window designs are all well and good, but will sadly be squandered if customers can’t find their way around your shop.

It’s really very simple: if shoppers aren’t able to locate what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly go elsewhere.

Non-verbal direction

Happily, you can avoid people fleeing in confusion through clever use of wayfinding signage.

In the often-overwhelming world of retail, wayfinding is the static yet vital assistant, effortlessly showing shoppers where to go. You might literally point them in the direction of Santa’s grotto with a freestanding display cut out. Or enhance your finest Christmas deals using frame light boxes.

Signage speaks volumes without saying a word. It reassures, comforts and inspires. As well as needing to know where particular products are, customers will want you to tell them where they can find the nearest tills. Or where the toilets are.

Well thought out wayfinding signage forms the perfect blend of brand immersion and pragmatic direction. It helps to create a truly aspirational shopping experience.

As a case in point, we helped multi-channel DIY retailer, Wickes, incorporate its technical expertise into graphic displays. We used a tension fabric system that directed customers to browse Wickes products online while they were in-store. Customers voted with their feet, with the numbers of store visits steadily increasing following the refurbishment.

Perfecting the customer journey

Point of sale displays, themed rooms and display units are just some of the essential parts of the customer quest. These elements should complement a thoughtful wayfinding signage strategy that takes into account the consumer’s needs and corresponds to their likely journey through your shop.

It’s only once you’ve combined an appealing in-store environment with a wonderfully efficient wayfinding system that your brand can truly shine. You’re also more likely to encourage customers to return again and again, knowing that they were able to cross another item off the Christmas list.

Cestrian helps some of the UK’s biggest brands provide innovative, engaging and high-quality store environments for their customers. If you’d like to find out more about our creative solutions, please get in touch.

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