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Our Environmental Policy

Cestrian Imaging is established among the leading environmentally-responsible printing companies in the United Kingdom. We recognise the common sense nature of actions that reduce both our outgoing costs and environmental impact.

As well as improving our own environmental status and performance we will devote resources to raising awareness and standards around environmental issues relevant to the printing industry.

We are committed to continually improving our performance, ensuring compliance with all legislation, preventing pollution and reducing our environmental impact and ensuring our activities protect the environment.


Environmental Management

We have in place systems for measuring a wide range of aspects of our performance and through ISO 14001, our environmental management system. We take action to reduce our environmental impact.

We are a Carbon Smart certified business.  As such, we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint.  We will achieve this through clear, practical action and improved communications.

Carbon Smart has calculated our carbon footprint and this will be reviewed on an annual basis.  We have created an environmental action plan and this will be updated as we review our environmental management system on a six monthly basis.

We recognize that climate change is a serious global problem. As a business we are committed to minimising our contribution to climate change.

To meet this goal we aim to achieve the highest status in our carbon reduction program for our organisation and to subsequently improve our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint.


Our Objectives

To achieve our environmental objectives, we will:

  • Apply the waste hierarchy to our operations (eliminate, reduce, re-use, recycle, dispose) increasing our overall recycled or recovered material waste. In 2018 we aim to continue to be a zero landfill company and we will achieve this through employing a dedicated member of staff to manage this target.
  • We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% in the first three years of our carbon reduction program from 2014 with a starting level of 1,127.9 tCO2e. We aim to achieve this by utilising more efficient printers that reduce our costs and carbon footprint.
  • Reduce our utilities usage by 5% per year based on revenue. We hope to achieve this by making inefficient printers redundant and replacing them with more efficient ones as well as engaging with staff to look at ways we can reduce our electricity and gas usage.
  • Provide advice to our staff to travel sustainably using public transport, cycling and walking to reduce our carbon emissions.
  • Be legally compliant with existing and future environmental legislation.


Organisation, responsibilities and communications


We will provide training to our staff to ensure that they are kept informed and included in our environmental activity.  New staff will receive environmental training as part of their induction.  In addition, we will communicate with our contractors and suppliers to agree how they can support our environmental objectives and targets. We are committed to improving our environmental performance and our policy will be updated on an annual basis.


Endorsed by Senior Management

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