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Our Environmental Policy

Cestrian Imaging is established among the leading environmentally-responsible printing companies in the United Kingdom. We recognise the common sense nature of actions that reduce both our outgoing costs and environmental impact.

As well as improving our own environmental status and performance we will devote resources to raising awareness and standards around environmental issues relevant to the printing industry.

We are committed to continually improving our performance, ensuring compliance with all legislation, preventing pollution and reducing our environmental impact and ensuring our activities protect the environment.


Environmental Management

We have in place systems for measuring a wide range of aspects of our performance and through ISO 14001, our environmental management system, we take action to reduce our environmental impact.

We recognize that climate change is a serious global problem. As a business we are committed to minimising our contribution to climate change.

We are calculating our carbon footprint throughout 2023 to enable us to reduce this through clear, practical action and improved communications.


Organisation, responsibilities and communications


We provide training to our staff and promote educational material to our customers to ensure that they are kept informed and included in our environmental activity. New staff receive environmental training as part of their induction.


In addition, we communicate with our contractors and suppliers to agree how they can support our environmental objectives and targets. We are committed to improving our environmental performance and our policy is updated on an annual basis.


Endorsed by Senior Management

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