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18th May

Benefits of using a dye sublimation process

With the installation of our new EFI Reggiani ReNOIR Pro 3.4m we have looked at the benefits of using dye sublimation when printing on fabrics.

Water-based textile printing inks are durable when washed or dry-cleaned and offer intense pigmenting for exceptional coverage, opaqueness and colour intensity over UV inks.

Additional benefits include:
• The process integrates the inks into the fabric giving a softer finish
• Water-based presses require less pressure when printing, meaning printing is possible on delicate fabrics which wouldn’t be possible with a UV press
• Fabrics printed on a water-based press are significantly more breathable
• Fabrics are lightweight and can easily be folded and stored
• Printing on stretch fabrics is possible with a water-based press, meaning installation is easier, better fitting and no 3rd party installation team is required
• Fabrics printed on a water-based press can be washed up to 10 times without showing signs of fading
• Fabrics are more environmentally-friendly, with lower energy impact during washing and cleaning
• 100% recyclable, 12 tons of recycled fabric produces enough energy to power a house for a full year

Products Cestrian produces with dye sublimation are:

See our latest dye sublimation press in action:

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