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26th Oct

Fantastic Fabric Graphic Printing for Flexible Advertising

Fabric graphic printing

Is there a way to produce advertising material that is super vibrant, resistant to fading, extremely durable, fully recyclable and environmentally friendly? Yes, there is – fabric graphic printing. We, at Cestrian produce fantastic fabric graphic printing for flexible advertising. This textile material matches the overall toughness and eye-catching facets of PVC, but is much more versatile and cost-effective to store and transport. What makes fabric graphic printing so effective? How versatile is it? What makes it a premier choice for advertising and material preference? The key lies in the fabric dye sublimation process, which is unique and produces the highest quality material for prestigious advertising.

Fabric Graphic Printing

Fabric graphic printing is achieved by a process called fabric dye sublimation. All of the inks that we use are water-based, so that they don’t harm the environment. The ink is actually integrated into the fabric itself, which is also suitable for use on delicate textiles. The fabric is heat pressed to set the ink deep into the fabric structure, which produces more vibrancy and depth of colour. The polyester textile fabric is precision cut and is smaller and lighter than PVC, which makes it easier and cheaper to pack for shipping. Unlike PVC, it can be washed multiple times with no signs of fading, which adds to its longevity. It is also fully recyclable which contributes to its appeal. All of this make fabric graphic printing a first choice advertising method, for many businesses.

Versatile Applications of Fabric Graphic Printing

How versatile is fabric graphic printing for advertisement? Digital textile printing can be used for many different advertisement genres. These include wall wraps, exhibition graphics, window displays, soft signage, fashion and many more applications. This flexibility is extremely useful and attractive for productive advertising, as it is a cost-effective method of promotion and publicising your product or service.

Photographic Quality of Fabric Graphic Printing

It’s hard to believe the superb, high quality resolution of fabric graphic printing. The images that are projected look so real, it’s as if they are in a 3D format. We can guarantee that any fabric graphic printing will be of fantastic photographic quality. This stunning advertising material is sure to catch the eye of potential clients, thereby proving productive, efficient and effective. We offer a wide range of polyester textiles depending on what you desire.

Why Choose Cestrian?

With over 20 years of advertising experience, Cestrian are market leaders in textile graphic printing. As a result of our expertise, we already work with an extensive range of premier high street brands. We use all of the very latest high quality printing machines to produce first-class fabric graphic printing. Although we do the actual printing, we involve you in every aspect of the venture. This includes the initial design idea, right through to the finished project. You can rely on us to provide everything that you need, to produce the best advertising material for you.

You can contact us for any further information on fabric graphic printing, by calling us on 0161 488 3300.

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