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FSDUs: Fast, effective displays using trusted templates

Our clients often require retail displays which meet very specific design requirements set by retailers and brands. Cestrian offers tried-and-tested templates which are easily adapted to meet these standards – and are therefore cost-effective and quick to produce, as our client Character World has discovered.



Licensed textile supplier Character World designs and manufactures bed linen and soft furnishings themed with some of the world’s most popular movies, cartoons, games and brands. This means they often require retail displays to be placed in stores to showcase their products – and these displays must adhere to design briefs from their partner brands, which include Disney, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm and Nickelodeon among many more. They must also be suitable for the stores’ specific requirements – including supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.


On this occasion, Character World required a free standing display unit (FSDU) to appear in Sainsbury’s stores, in two designs: - Harry Potter (240 units) - Disney Princess (110 units) Both had to be produced, fully merchandised and delivered for the display of branded bedding sets and cushions.


Our team recommended an FSDU made with EB corrugated board, using one of our tried-and-tested templates at dimensions to suit the grocer’s specific requirements. This meant that it would also be cost-effective and quick to make. The client’s branded designs were applied to our flat template, then produced immediately. The process included: - Printing directly to the substrate (with no litho-mounting) to produce the main unit, using our Inca Onset R50i - Use of pre-made cutting formes for maximum cost-effectiveness - Expert cutting of the header using our Esko CAD cutter - Hand-finishing by our in-house team, making sure all sections of each unit interlocked together without the need for tape or glue - Inclusion of SEL strips so the grocer could insert product prices, along with mop trays at the base - Full merchandising with cushions, robe blankets and bedding sets, themed for the chosen brands - Covering to protect merchandise during transit - Delivery to a central Sainsbury’s location, including the use of CHEP blue pallets – which is a pallet pooling and rental system to further reduce costs and environmental impact


Character World was very pleased with our resulting four-shelf FSDU, which was assembled, finished, merchandised and delivered in bulk using articulated lorries. The benefits included: - Great value as a result of using our tried-and-tested templates - Easy implementation on shop floors by staff, as we’d delivered ready-to-display units filled with products - Environmentally friendly production processes and the use of EB corrugated board, which can be recycled in normal waste paper streams Want to know more about our wide choice of free standing retail display units? Take a look at our detailed brochure, which features large units, table-top options, point-of-sale stacking cubes and more. Download FSDU Brochure You can also take a look at our video:

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