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We recently made consistent yet flexible retail displays using Tension Fabric Systems for the UK’s leading PPE supplier Arco.


Arco is the UK’s leading workplace safety supplier and is in the process of launching several new stores, to build on its current estate of 48.


To improve uniformity and aesthetic appearance across all outlets, the business wished to create a standardised point of sale display system, which would: - Display branded artwork to promote items such as workwear, safety equipment and maintenance supplies - Neatly conceal boxes of stock stored within the public-facing retail area - Be safe and solid, illustrating Arco’s status as an expert safety supplier - Integrate with Arco’s existing racking system - Be installed to a tight schedule, with each store prepared the week before opening (or reopening)


It was clear that a flexible solution was needed to fit all stores – which had varying dimensions and wall systems in place – so the Cestrian team audited each store to determine requirements. We then used our tension fabric system (TFS) to create a bespoke framework that could be adapted for each store, which we tested by constructing an Arco racking system in our print hub facility. The resulting framework included: - High-quality prints featuring Arco branding, alongside the logos of partner brands such as Cat and Berghaus - Fabric panels that could be easily removed to access boxed stock concealed behind - Lightweight materials which were safe to manage, even at a high level - The facility to present a feature wall for each store, with the ability to seamlessly house a TV screen - Brackets which were designed and fabricated to host each store’s requirements - Black powder coating of the aluminium frame, to match Arco’s branding - For printing, we used our EFI Vutek and Monti heat press to ensure premium results.


We were thrilled to complete the TFS installation at every store on time and within budget. “Cestrian’s project team worked closely with us to design, produce, construct, fit and install the new display system,” said Store Manager at Arco. “It was carefully tailored for each store, yet flexible enough to be cost-effective and achieve a smooth roll-out process. This was very important to us and we’re really pleased with the outcome.”


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