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Cestrian was tasked with the development of an alternative media format by outdoor advertising specialist JCDecaux.

94% of the UK’s top advertisers use outdoor advertising and of that, billboard advertising is widely acknowledged to be its most effective form. With its universal mass-audience appeal, impact and specific ability to raise brand awareness, billboard advertising continues to grow in popularity.

The posting of traditional billboards (mostly commonly ranging from 48 to 96 sheets in size) require around 20 minutes of a highly skilled installer’s time. Each of those sheets have to be expertly positioned to ensure a durable and seamless finished visual.


To engineer an environmentally sound outdoor system to replace the existing, traditional 48-sheet billboard. Also to retain the impact of a billboard whilst dramatically reducing installation times/resources and improving the visual vibrancy and overall quality of the finished product.


Materials used needed to be recyclable within a “closed loop cycle”. That is, posters could be returned to their virgin-state and recycled to create further single piece posters.


A worldwide review of manufacturers able to produce a lightweight, flame-retardant, durable substrate to a 3.2m width was conducted. A wealth of differing materials was researched that might potentially meet the project specification before polyethylene was selected as the medium of choice. This material, being fully 100% recyclable, also satisfied the environmental stipulations of the brief. The selected polyethylene, in conjunction with a suitable ink system which ensured no solvent emission into the environment, was decided upon and a retro-fit poster frame system/structure, designed, developed and patented by Cestrian.


The solution provided the following benefits: - 400% improvement in installation efficiency - Improved quality of output - Brighter, more vibrant visual appeal - A more durable, weather/wear resistant product - 100% “closed loop recyclability” - Within budgetary constraints


Material: 100% recyclable polyethylene – 2 sources of exclusive supply, one each in the UK and US, both able to provide exclusivity of the product to Cestrian. Inks: Developed with a partner, chemists formulated inks specifically to provide the bright and vibrant print production required. Frame system: Designed, engineered and patented the retro-fit poster frame system which houses the product was developed by Cestrian Printer: Printed on an HP 2100 with a maximum size of 3.2m x 50m and resolution up to 360dpi capable of printing 80sqm per hour.


“We weren’t able to find the system that we needed “off the shelf” and so simply decided to go ahead and create our own. We couldn’t be more delighted by the reception that we’ve had to this. Clients are reaping the benefits and find that the saving in installation time and resource is already paying dividends.”

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